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Hi! My name is Dylan Kingwell. I am a fun, outgoing, studious 11 year old boy. I am also athletic as I play hockey all winter and spring every year.

This blog is going to be me writing down my thoughts about anything and everything that may cross my mind. I hope to be posting multiple times a week, but with my schedule, there's no guarantee! Anyway, you know enough, so without further ado, these, are My Thoughts.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Thoughts About Hockey

Hello guys! So today I want to talk about hockey. Hockey is a game that involves 5 players on each team, 6 including the goalie. The objective is to either score a goal or to prevent one from landing in the back of your net. A goal is scored when the puck passes the goal line. The way one would score a goal is by shooting the puck with your stick and getting it passed the goalie, who guards the net. Out of the five players, 3 of them are forwards who try to score goals, and 2 of them play defence, those players, including the goalie, try to prevent the goals, although everyone plays a part in making sure that there are as little goals against as possible.
I have played hockey since I was 4. I enjoy hockey so much for a few reasons. Hockey is a fast pace, competitive, challenging sport. And best of all it is a team sport. I get to hang out with some of my best friends ever when I play hockey and there is nothing better than that. I have also become a better person by playing hockey. I learned to work as a team player and cooperate with others, which is definitely a quality everyone should have. I have also learned that it is OK to ask for help sometimes. What I mean is that it is OK to not do everything on your own and that multiple people get the job done quicker than 1 person. And that is why hockey is 5 versus 5, not 1 versus 1. There is no "I" in team.
Other Information
There is a hockey league called the National Hockey League, or NHL. That is where the professionals go, the best players in the world. My personal favourite player is Pavel Datsyuk. He is a Russian hockey player that plays for an NHL team called the Detroit Red Wings. I love him because of his amazing skills. In fact, the reason why I always wear number 13 is because Pavel Datsyuk is also number 13.

Anyway thanks for reading guys and don't forget to put your feed back in the comments! Have a great day, and find out what happens on Tuesday!


  1. Hey hockey is awesome used to play it all the time but no one else likes to play it in my complex, I played a ball hockey league in surrey central but I stopped because I was old for it (I'm 14) and I suck at skating. Hey you play at Langley? I live in surrey but no good leagues here. What else do you do?